Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Quotes Monday

This one just really made me smile when I heard it...

"Go home, find a wench, raise fat babies, live a good long life. "

... probably because of the person who was saying it. Ultra-warm-snugs to anyone who can name what it's from and who said it without looking it up! ... and maybe a cookie too. *grins*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In springtime, the only pretty ring time, birds sing hey ding...

Well it's that time of year again! Sort of. It's really not spring yet, but my classes for the spring semester start tomorrow so, as far as the school term is concerned it's spring. I know it's way colder for other peoples in different places, but I've been in the desert too damn long now and dammit, I'm cold if it's under 70 degrees. Then again thanks to this lovely mentalpause stuff [menopause for all the gents following along] I'm cold if it's under 80 degrees, but I'm roasting if it's over 80.5... so I'm pretty much just fucked. *grins*

It's going to be an interesting semester, my last one on the 'smaller' campus that's actually not too far away from home. I managed to set my classes to just Mon/Wed/Fri.. I would've preferred Tues/Thurs... but of course pretty much everything that I could take is only offered five days a week or three. Three seemed less painful somehow. I'll be stuck on campus basically all day, of course, but at least my pal sapphy (who was in my geology class *smiles*) will be in the evil mathness class with me - so I'll have someone to headdesk and/or facepalm with when things seem particularly stupid. *grins*

I'm taking my comm class this semester, with my brother (that ought to make things ... well we'll just use the word 'interesting' for now to avoid seeming judgmental *hehe*), we opted for 'small groups' rather than 'public speaking'. Honestly anyone who knows me knows I've got no problem speaking in public (it's shutting me up that's the trick *winks*). I'm also taking the abnormal psych class that my favourite teacher has insisted I need to take (she really feels very strongly that this particular instructor is the best one to take abnormal psych with so I figure it's worth it to see). I'm retrying the evil mathness class, since online definitely didn't work for me, I've already started chanting my "just get through it" mantra in hopes of making it go more swiftly. It's my last class, though, that really has my curiousity intrigued - I needed one more to round out my credits and was a bit limited on what (since I promised my brother we'd take our english and foreign language classes together and he's not doing that this semester)... there were plenty of women studies courses but that just seemed so feminist cliche somehow, instead I'm trying another online course (I figure without the stupid mathness involved I should do fine with it) - "future studies 101". Yeah, you read that right, future studies. The actual name of the class is "dimensions of the future" - I figure it's impossible to get less than an A in this course because it's all going to be opinion and such so how can anyone be graded poorly (assuming semi-decent grammar of course). We shall see how it goes.

And now, even though I'm just about bouncing with excitement ready for my first class, it's off to bed I go in an attempt to get a little sleep before my rainy first day begins. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've had a few complaints because there have been so few posts from me lately ... so, in the interest of making a few people relax:

  • NO, I'm not dead.
  • NO, I haven't "stopped blogging."

I'm just taking a lil time off mostly away from the computer during my winter break because last semester was brutal (and that's mostly my own fault for choosing the wrong classes to have at the same time *chuckles*). The new semester starts in about a week and a half, I'll probably start blogging more regularly again right about then, or a few days before that.

See, told ya'll I wasn't dead. :P

Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Quotes Monday

And now for the very first post on my wicked bloggy of silliness in the new decade: a random quote on the first Monday of 2010!!!! *inserts much cheering and confetti tossing*

"People die when they are killed."

You geeks should know this one without googling *grins* and Drew dear, no helping them by being the first to answer (cuz I know that you know it, I'm that positive *grins*).