Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writing Weirdness...

My brain functions in strange ways...

Untitled (therapy)
(Written: June 3, 2005)

Lactic acid buildup...
I should be sweating but I'm not,
I shouldn't be numb but I am,
numb to the physical, the emotional,
numb to the heart, to life.
Breathe in, out, in, out, breathe...
Pulse at one twenty, I'm impressed,
only took an hour to get here,
one, two, one, two, left, right, left, right, keep going...
Fragments of thought blowing away...
Where did this breeze come from?
I shouldn't be here but I am, I'm not,
I am, I'm not, this isn't poetry
it's therapy for the suicidal soul,
shattered, don't think, don't feel, don't exist,
just write, just breathe, just pulse,
left, right, one, two, in, out...


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