Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Quotes Monday

Every so often I find these fantastic gems that make me giggle. Me and the *ONE* friend of mine who might be able to identify what it's from.... *giggles insanely*

Person 1: Unless they go in the next hour, I am going to tell your mother that I'm a psycho biker junkie whore.
Person 2: It's just for the weekend!
Person 3: No. Not another hour. Not another minute! I'm about to stop playing "who shall I kill first" in my head and just go for what feels natural.
Person 2: *gurgles*
Person 3: I think I'll start with me, then it's you.
Person 1: *said threateningly* Make them go.

Honestly how could you *not* giggle at this?? Especially that first line! :P


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