Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I've learned...

So it's been some time since I posted a "things I've learned" blog, and as you can likely imagine that's not because I haven't been learning things but rather because I've been disgustingly, horrifically, stressfully busy for some time (that whole "being a student" thing again after a twelve or so year break, yep).... so without further ado and in NO particular order at all, the return of "things I've learned"!!


Having three major finals in one day.... SUCKS.

Finishing all your finals in one day and not having to come back to campus for a few weeks, rocks. *smiles dizzily*

Being under enough stress really can make you physically ill - I tested that theory twice at the end of the semester, I suggest all you wonderful people reading this learn from example rather than testing it yourself if you can at all avoid the temptation. ;)

Wearing a shirt that says "How to train your bitch" with assorted images around it of a woman commanding another woman to 'sit', 'stay', 'come', 'roll over', 'heel', etc, to school raises a few eyebrows...

It also makes men stare at your chest and slowly start to grin (or blush) as they think about what that actually means.

I smile every time ground squirrels go dashing past me on campus - especially the itty bitty baby ones, with their tails rigidly up in the air behind them, looking all adorably cute.

Men who repeatedly tell people they don't lie when they've been caught doing so on at Least one major occasion - have a Very interesting definition of "lie".

Dairy Queen soft serve vanilla ice cream towering four or so inches above a teeny little inch and a half cone... is Bliss Embodied on a hundred-some-odd degree day.

Especially when the cute guy behind the counter flirts while making your cone and then spends the rest of the time you're there staring at your mouth with obvious lusty hunger. *flutters lashes innocently*

Slavelets who stutter, get breathless, blush and fidget when you growl or purr at them... are delicious. I already knew this, but it bears repeating. *smiles evilly*

Being told by multiple sources that you have a soft, sexy, husky "fuck me now" voice unexpectedly... is really, really sweet! :D

The new(ish) Dunken Donuts that happens to be directly on the path between home and school.. actually has really decent everything bagels! Who would ever have thought it might be possible to really get decent bagels outside of New York?? =^.^=

Teachers who give writing assignments should also be careful to include page limits - I already knew this, but apparently my instructors didn't. *looks innocent*

When it comes to repairing the household vacuum - I am THE Goddess, thanks evah so much!

I'm perfectly willing to listen to serious death metal all day long if that's what it takes to get my brother to help me "spring clean" the entire house, top to bottom, when the majority of the mess is his.

I even like some of it. *grins*

Which reminds me - still having delicious dreams of David Draiman thanks to that last Disturbed concert - gods but I need to do wicked things to that man. *purrrrrrs* Yes, I already knew this, but it definitely bore repeating.

Not killing your roommates, classmates, teachers or self is somewhat of an accomplishment, particularly the roommate known as total moron and the evil mathness teacher. *beam proudly*

And last, but definitely not least, getting a 3.923 gpa because of a B in a one credit class and A's in everything else... makes me floaty!! I'm assuming this means that getting the 4.0 for my upcoming summer and fall semesters will probably result in spontaneous orgasms. *grins* (Ok so only half of that was something I learned - I still think the rest bore saying. *nodsnods, grins*)


phoenix said...

ooooooo David Draiman dream, tell me, tell me, tellllll me *droooools* ooops sorry!

Don't get me started on the effects of "that" kind of growl *shivers delightfully*

Tempy, sweetie, if you want to know what real bagels are come here to Montreal. I know people who thought they knew what good bagels are....they now leave here with 3 dozen of Montreal's finest every time they visit.

What do you want to bet that teacher mentions page limits from now on? *grins*

Tempestuous said...

*grins* The David Draiman dream includes 'borrowing' him from his home, just for a few years ye see, and keeping him in my closet (except when he's chained to my bed for fun lil experiments in Sat.Is.Faction. *looks innocent*) .. it's all cuz of that concert, him, on a suspended multi-religious icon, basically restrained to it.. *insta-bliss* Yum.

*pfts* Real bagels come from NY, as a NYer I know this without even thinking - I'm just surprised the ones at the dunken donuts are palatable enough to fill the void when I'm just dying of a craving. *nods wisely*

And I'm -convinced- that all my instructors will be giving page limits to their classes now. *grins*

phoenix said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyummy!!!!! If only it were possible to order a dream *sighs happily*

m'kay no they don't. Come to Montreal and try our bagels and I promise you that you'll change your mind.

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