Friday, May 29, 2009

Things I've learned...

Without ado whatsoever, things I've learned this week!

- Common sense, courtesy and respect... my cats possess more of this than do the non-neutered males in my house.
This makes me want to test out whether or not there's a correlation there - perhaps if they're neutered their common sense, courtesy and respect will improve?)

- Doing household spring cleaning over the course of two weeks: great in theory, sucks in practice! Cleaning for more than a day is irritating.

- Cats should not eat kitty kibble, it's bad for them in many ways. Way more than I expected when the vet said I had to take it away from Fizzgig - apparently it's not just "bad for him", it's like crack and he's like a seriously jonesin' lil tweaker (he's only tried to kill me about ninety times per day at this point and he's been "off the dry food" for nearly three days now).

- I like having access to a swimming pool. However, I hate having to help clean the damn thing.

- I miss Long Island! People there were way more normal... Even the freaks. Not something I've just learned, but it bears repeating from time to time.

- I also miss Long Island because there are Drakes Cakes there (including 'funny bones', 'devil dogs' and 'coffee cakes' which are just utterly delicious!). It's a regional thing, dumb Aridzona.. *grumbles*

- House of Flying Daggers on a big screen with the surround sound properly (finally!) set up.. totally RAWKS!

- Saying 'rawks' instead of 'rocks' and actually ennunciating that difference makes the person you're talking to blink with confusion. This amuses me! :D

- When my roommate pisses me off so much that I smile and dream of his untimely demise it's usually a good sign that communication needs to take place...

- Writing a letter in order to do so goes over much better than attempting to talk to his drunken Irish ass yet again and possibly 'accidentally' killing him.

- Watching him try to act as if nothing is bothering him after he's read 'the letter' is rather amusing.

- Klutz attacks resulting in minor scrapes and cuts when there's nothing there to scrape or cut oneself upon are the norm for me.

- I'm particularly prone to this while doing spring cleaning.

- When I get a particularly big cut it is always in a place that's awkward for me to try to look at it and tend to it and it will always require 'surgery' within a few days.

- Surgery consists of needing to carefully peel the scab away and clean the damn wound again with another entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide and / or iodine - either way, it's going to sizzle and fizzle and make me hiss so loudly the cats will hide from me for the rest of the day. :(

- When Colin told me I'm the scariest creampuff he's ever met, he was so right in that assessment! :P

- Seeing my poor sick kitty looking and sounding better and playing more makes me hopeful!

- Seeing him sleep on my desk with an arm tossed over his eyes because it's too bright to nap in the study otherwise makes me giggle.

- Knowing that summer classes start in less than three days isn't so bad.

- Knowing that my summer classes consist of another evil mathness class and a graded physical education class is depressing.

- Deciding to budget in a trip Home for Spring Break makes me bounce with excitement!

- Coming to this decision while shopping and seeing several males in the alcohol aisle go from staring at beer and talking to staring silently at jiggling jubblies is amusing.

- Calling a friend a "total hug whore!" stuns them into a sputtering kind of surprise - this is particularly fun to do when they've just barely begun to sip at something and wind up spewing it all over themselves whilst trying to come up with a way to deny their new title to the group of giggling men around them. *grins*

- Reaffirming that I am indeed as evil as everyone thinks I am based upon some of the earlier mentioned learnings makes me giggle in an evil and maniacal kind of way which disturbs the napping kitty on my desk...

... so I think we've learned enough for this week! :D


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