Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apparently I'm a masochist or something...

Random eh? *chuckles* Well, see for a grand total of 13 credits, this is what my semester looks like:

Mat 151; college algebra online... apparently this is going to require nine to fifteen hours per week depending on how well I catch on to the stupid shit.

Psy 102; independent lab usually concurrent with psych 101, but I figured it'd be a way to help reinforce the things I learned last spring (since psych is my major *smiles*), roughly twenty hours of work (I believe) to complete.

Psy 132; psych & culture, MWF for an hour of lecture, probably about five hours of work per week with the essays / projects, because I'm obnoxiously good at that kind of work.

Psy 298ac; "special project", an independent study approved by the department head. I'm using mine to do an intensive review of the available literature surrounding what I want to specialize in *grins* ... and it was my idea! I figure it'll probably required about fortyish hours of work through the semester for me to be happy with it.

Rel 243; world religions, an overview, MW for an hour of lecture... and then roughly eight hours of work on each packet we have to complete per section. And I'm taking it as an honors course, so I also have a paper to write on specific articles the instructor chose and I have to create an altar or something for my other project (I haven't read that one yet *heh*), both due before mid-term! (This too was my idea. *grins*)

Ped 101; weight training, essentially it's just access to the gym, but it requires acruing at least 25 hours through the semester, bleeeeeeeeh, still not sure why I decided to keep the evil thing.

Originally I was going to take ASL as a 101 course as well, but then I discovered (on the first day of class) that it's actually an immersion course (the catalogue failed to mention this!) and every student present (except my brother and I) was taking it as a refresher course ... So we decided to keep the book and familiarize ourselves with it a bit before trying it again probably next semester. *chuckles* I figure with the hours I have to put into my other classes having sigh language as well would've probably made my brain implode. *nods!*

It's going to be a fun semester though! Not counting the evil worthless torturous rotten mathness I actually like and wanted all my classes! *grins* Told you I'm a masochist. :P


Tempestuous said...

*mrfs* I can add... it's 15 credits, not 13, sheesh.

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