Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things I've learned...

It's been a while since I've shared a "things I've learned" post - because I was hyper busy over my "summer", so I think today's might be longish as I'll toss in a few of the things I learned this past summer for fun. :)

Going back to school at thirty-one isn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be.

Especially when I compare it to the "what would that be like?" thoughts I had when I was a teen and couldn't even imagine being thirty-one, cuz how could anyone ever actually get that old to begin with? :P

It really sucks to be surrounded by dozens upon dozens of hot young coeds ... because most of them are a decade younger than me.

Some of them are more than a decade younger than me; my campus has a whole slew of advanced high school students on it. I now ask people their age within seconds of meeting them. Just to be safe. (Remember - sixteen will get you twenty, or a really pissed off mom/dad who wants to harm ya!)

Taking classes over the summer: SUCKS!!

Taking evil, rotten, disgusting, frustrating, worthless math classes over the summer REALLY sucks.

Getting a 3.923 that first semester back was nice. Getting a 4.0 for my summer semester (which raised my overall GPA to a 3.947) was nicer.

I'm really hoping my awesome grades for the current fall semester will raise it even farther. Not something I learned, obviously, but it fit in to the conversation rather nicely. :P

Getting my invitation to Phi Theta Kappa made me squeee!

Getting the invitation the same day the moron roommate had to be finished moving out by ... made me squee and bounce!

Having the moron roommate move out before the semester was really on it's way was a fantabulous idea for which my mother deserves lots of hugs (and some cookies). :D

Not having to clean up after an idiot who is apparently incapable of learning from past mistakes and cannot follow the simplest of directions.... RAWKS! Seriously, it's better than sliced bread.

There is, apparently, only one math instructor who I don't have a serious OCD personality clash with. It sucks to have learned this one because she's not teaching the course I needed to take this fall to be done with the evil shit, though ultimately none of this surprises me.

Learning the above because my instructor for this semester made Hitler look like a really nice guy, really sucked. And caused a momentary psychotic break.

"Momentary" enough that I had the bright idea to sign up for the course online to get rid of the "having to deal with a bitch every day of the week" issue.

Taking evil mathness as an online course ... goes way past "psychotic". Apparently I really am a totally masochistic pain slut, who knew? *looks baffled*

Confirming that I'm a masochist by electing to sign up for two mostly independent study type extra courses in an effort to avoid keeping the p.e. course my lil brother talked me into makes him giggle.

Particularly since I ended up deciding to keep the damn p.e. course. *mrfs*

Yep, I think that pretty much covers it. *grins*


Andrew said...

*grins* Well, that checks off 'smart', 'sexy', 'desirable', and pretty much everything else I knew you were. ^_^

*goes off to wiffle-bat the knees of his fellow medal hunter*

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