Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maternal Wisdom...

As one good friend recently told me when I shared this with her, my Mother is a genius! And I must admit, indeed she is gloriously smart. In fact, the bit of wisdom she shared with me recently, which I have been dutifully and happily sharing with my friends, is so amazingly astute, so tremendously true, that I NEEDED to post it to my LJ publicly for all to share in it's wonderful wisdom!

(*beams* You should be proud Mom!)

God finished creating man and woman and they were equally intelligent, reasonable, sensible creatures and it was good.

In woman he had made the vagina and gifted it with multiple orgasms and this was good. In man he had meant to create the penis, but as he was looking over his work he realized that in his joy of creating such splendid things he had forgotten to. Sadly he had already used all of his material, there was none at all left at hand.

After a few moments reflection he decided that rather than waiting and possibly forgetting (he was a very, very busy creator after all), he would simply shift some of the material he had already used around so that man would have his glorious penis. After another moments contemplation, wherein he eliminated various places for this possible shifting (kidneys? lungs? no, they'll need two of those....) he finally decided he knew where to find the extra material.

He reached into mans brain and tugged away the portions dedicated to reason, logic and common sense, from these he blessed man with a penis... Which perfectly explains why: the bigger the penis, the less logic, reason and common sense a man has, and!, why when men get an erection whatever minor abilities they had to use the remnants of common sense, reason and logic they posses seems to fly right out the window!

(My Mom Rocks! *smirks*)


Note: Original humour written by my mother and myself, originally posted in my livejournal on July 7th, 2008.


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