Monday, January 19, 2009


After eleven years.. I'm going back to school.

Tomorrow is my first day.

I'm both excited and very nervous.. a lot of the students in my classes are going to be over a decade my junior so I feel a bit weird too. *chuckles* But... it's the right time and apparently it's the right place.

All the planets have aligned properly or something, unlike my brother (who's also going back to school, though he's only been out for six years) I had no issues with setting my classes or my financial aid or anything.

I'm definitely not making it any easier on myself though.. I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, at nine a.m. I have intro psych, at ten-thirty it's intro philosophy (I may end up killing people in that one - only time will tell). At noon I have intro algebra - this one almost frightens me, I haven't taken a math class in about fourteen or fifteen years.. I don't remember shit about X and Z and reasons. *chuckles* But that's why lil brother (the mathematical genius) has to help me out, which works well for him, since I agreed to take first year comp at one-thirty even though I placed higher on their little exam just in order to help him get through a class that would otherwise probably make him kill people. :D I get a lovely break from about two forty-five until four twenty, then I have intro geology lab and lecture back to back, so that class doesn't end until seven p.m.

A long day made longer by the fact that lil brother works closing shift on Tues and Thurs so since he won't leave the store until about ten-fifteen, I get to sit there until he shows up at around eleven p.m. Yay me? Oh well, at least I'll get my homework done. *grins*


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