Friday, January 30, 2009

Quizzes, Tests and Panic attacks, oh my..

Yesterday I had my first quiz in about thirteen years. Got myself a bit worked up about it, of course, but I'm sure I did fine - it was for geology lecture. She wasn't joking when she said it would be ten questions and very easy (questions like "why didn't cavemen bump into dinosaurs?" which was a representation of geologic time - answer of course being because there was about sixty million years between them on the fossil record). Moving right along then... later in the evening as I was chatting with a friend of mine through yahoo I realized that wait a second, the quiz was nothing.. I have TWO TESTS on Tuesday! Had myself a brief panic attack as I realized how much studying I'll need to do on top of my normal homework. *nods solemnly* I -must- get a 95% or better on the psych test and because I loathe math and only want to do it once I really need to pass that well. So it's going to be an interesting weekend - I'm expecting mild nightmares at some point, you know the type, the ones where the teachers give you a test on something that has nothing to do with the class, like the anatomy of a hedgehog or something, and there are sharks circling you, giggling, as you try to write your answers with a toothbrush... yeah, one of those. *nods*


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