Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post First-day Reflections...

Here's what you need to know before we start: In order to make yesterday easier on myself, the night before I made sure my bathroom was ready for the morning (read: towels in place, timer set - I have OCD, yes I really do time my showers - etc), I also made sure my clothing was set out, all my papers and things were in a backpack that really, really, really needs to retire permanently, my water bottle was in the freezer and I left a little note on the fridge in hopes of remembering to take it out, and I set everything I would need to feed the kitties and me on the counter. It turns out this was all excellent forethought on my part.

The morning went something like this:

- My alarm, which is normally a sweet, soft, gentle little sound that wakes me just fine instead goes off like some evil alien claxon informing Earth of impending doom.
- My cats seriously try to kill me as I stumble out of bed, turn off the evil alarm and stumble into my bathroom without ever opening my eyes.
- I manage to shower without ever opening my eyes (so it's definitely good my little timer was set the night before or I might have been very confused if it had beeped after only three minutes instead of fifteen *nodsnods*).
- My cats try seriously to kill me again as I emerge from the bathroom smelling all sweet and such, because my eyes still aren't open as I trip onto the bed, roll over and start pulling on my clothing... shirts do not make good pants, by the way, in case any of you were curious.
- I reluctantly open my eyes in order to dress properly, finally manage that, then stumble to the kitchen to feed the kitties... and I actually remember to take my water bottle out of the freezer. Yayness!!!
- My brother emerges from his room, snarling at me (not even growling as he usually does, actually =snarling=... apparently he got about three hours of sleep, which would almost make me wonder what he was doing when he went to bed four hours before me except that frankly I'm a little afraid to let myself wonder).
- I manage to remember to put liquid water into my water bottle, so that the giant ice cube along the side of it will keep it cool. I even remember to eat before we leave. W00t!
- Despite evidence to the contrary we manage to get me to school on time - I swear my brother is secretly a wizard and can do things that would make the Knight Bus sweat with worry...
- My life becomes stranger than it already was.

And now for the "fun" part! My actual school day:

- Psych 101 rocks. I actually found the class, first of all, with no trouble.. w00t!!! The teacher is, apparently, channeling my Aunt Dee, which both worries and amuses me. I'll have to ask Mom if Aunt Dee has been acting differently lately, cuz it's just too weird... but honestly it was a perfect first class for a semi-stressed, semi-nervous returning student. :)
- Philo 101 also rocks, but in a totally different way that's going to make my days at MCC very .. well, stranger than normal. There is no structure to the class at all, there are reading assignments so that we can have discussions in class but there's only one writing assignment and he frankly is more interested in the discussions we have than things like tests and whatnot. Severe Yayness!
- And then we have math... evil, evil, evil math... (nyxie, you're in trouble now, there's nearly a one hundred percent chance that I'll take up your offer for help). The instructor makes Adrian Monks ocd look tame. Seriously I had to bite my tongue not to ask her if she was either on crack or had a really odd sense of humour ... I figured pissing her off on the first day might not be beneficial to me. *nods wisely*
- Next came English... wherein I learned that for the first time ever I may have some slight difficulty with an English class. Mostly because the room we're in is like a boiler room, it's the instructors last class of the day and she's very soft spoken and more tangential than I am. (Yes, apparently that is possible.) The urge to doze off... is substantial.
- Break! Blissful, wonderful, much needed break... oh glorious break! The chance to dip into a bathroom and not stand in line for an hour... the chance to eat food, glorius, wonderful food... the ability to walk all the way across campus from the building where my of my classes are to the building where my last two classes are without having to do that speed walking funky looking ass wiggling thing that barely gets you there on time and leaves ya breathless... Aaaah love, thy name is Break! *purrrrs*
- Thankfully my last two classes, Geo lab and lecture, are in the same room. At the moment I technically have two different professors, however it seems my lecture instructor may be forced to take a medical leave of absence. The first lecture was cancelled because she had to go to the hospital (not good), but my lab teacher, who reminds me seriously of all the good things about Home (read: he's a NYer, he's laid back, he's not interested in making things stressful and difficult, etc), will be taking over if lecture lady can't return.. and he rocks lots, so it's not a bad thing for me personally though I hope the lecture lady's health improves, of course, cuz I'm just nice like that and all.

The only sucky thing about my day is that by the time it's done I'm so overloaded with information that it becomes increasingly difficult to try to concentrate on reading or homework after classes end, so although I'm stuck at the campus for several hours after class, I have a limited period of time in which to try to accomplish anything without reaching Zombie Mind. *nodsnods* And that must be avoided, I don't have the time available to have to reread the same assignment six times before I "get it".

All in all, this is going to be a very interesting semester.. next sem I need to make sure my schedule and my brothers matches better and, if I'm smart, only take twelve credits. Speak of the devil, lil brother just called... apparently I NEED to get ready to go out because he's going to pick me up since he has to go past the main campus before he heads to work. So I guess I'll stop babbling - *chuckles* too late right? - and grab all my books and such in order to get my studying done while I'm sitting around up by his work. Yay. *chuckles* Off I go! ;)


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