Monday, January 26, 2009


Right, so, I'm getting this math class over with... and as far as I know I only have to take one other afterwards (thank GOD).

This... is a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I really dislike math - actually if my brain thought in those highly logical purely numerical terms instead of others I would quite like it, but it doesn't - and I have a Strong preference for other things anyway.

Add to that, that I see no reasonable reason for why I HAVE to (re)learn how to do a quadratic equation. I mean, honestly, when am I ever likely to look at a patient and say: "so you're saying... 2x + 3 = 52, which of course means x must equal 25... but x really equals 9?"

... I want to provide -therapy-, not teach math (to idiots)! *grumbles, threateningly shakes fist at The Man*

(Note: this probably wouldn't have frustrated me nearly as much if 1) I didn't have a nazi for an instructor and 2) I weren't sick.. when I'm sick I just can't focus on little details like negative signs and whatnot, so when I look over the answers and find out half my work was wrong it can be a bit irksome. *nods*)


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