Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things I've learned...

So I've been naughty lately, not posting as much as I should. I know this because some people have poked at me and asked me ever so sweetly to post more.

I've been busy! Honest, I have that whole 'school' thing taking up lots of my attention. You know, classes, studying, homework, all that fun jazz.

And there's stresses too! Stresses about finances and family and grades and trying to keep a house clean where the only person who ever does anything about it is Me...

So I've learned a lot the past few weeks, and haven't shared a whole bunch of it (cuz sometimes I'm just mean and selfish like that doncha know?), but I figured: enough of you have poked at me in various places *grins* that I should probably share some (maybe even some of the stuff that I didn't share in my last 'things I've learned' post *grins*), and what better time to do it than after a Concert.

Oooooooh yeah!

1. Sometimes birthdays aren't totally sucky occasions. How sweet is that?

2. Asshole younger brothers, while managing to remain totally assholey, can sometimes surprise you and do really thoughtful nice things. Usually around birthdays. I'm certain there's some sort of totally ironic, weird coincidence in this somehow.

3. Spring Break is actually a really, really evil thing.

4. Accomplishing anything during spring break is practically impossible.

5. Especially studying.

6. Unless anatomy counts, even when you aren't taking any anatomy classes.

7. You get less sleep during spring break than you do during normal school weeks and, when it's over, you need a week to recover. This is as true for certain teachers as it is for most students.

8. Evil mathness midterms the day you return from spring break... very not cool. That goes way beyond "evil" by the way, that's just twisted and sick in a "wrong" kind of way.

9. For some reason some of my classmates think there's something wrong with me (which may be marginally true, but not for the reasons they think)...

10. ... only getting a B on a psych test and being disappointed / upset by it is not weird dammit.

11. Similarly getting an A on an evil mathness test and being disappointed because it was a 96 out of 104 is also not weird dammit.

12. Apparently I'm an overachiever. Being back in school has kinda reminded me of this reeeeeally well.

13. I also multi-task rather well and this both awes and impresses the guy who sits behind me in my philosophy class, who apparently stares at me in total amazement when I have the laptop with me - as I sit there working on my term paper, still participating in the discussion and occasionally taking notes.

14. Slamming the truck door closed on your foot - not so fantabulous!

15. Blow up sharks are, apparently, all the rage at concerts.

16. And tortilla's make great frisbees. Who knew?

17. I'm not sure I want to know how either managed to get through security...

18. Arizona has the most amazingly pathetic mosh pits I've ever seen - seriously, drunken jocks doing ring around the posey are Not what I picture when I think of a decent pit. It's really very sad, there's not even any decent shoving taking place... *I* could jump into the mosh pits here and come out unscathed, that's just not right!

19. There's nothing more refreshing than sitting in an icey cold beer!

20. Really, -nothing-.

21. It is possible to orgasm just from the sensation of really fucking awesome music at a nice loud concert.

22. It's also possible to orgasm from that music when Daivd Draiman is revealed to be suspended on a combo-religious symbol with his arms restrained...

23. I really need to stalk David Draiman and do unspeakably naughty things with/to him.

24. Mathness homework sucks. Even after getting into an argument with an evil nazi mathness instructor. This is a well established fact, I know, but it bears repeating frequently. *sighs and goes off to continue mathness homework*


Nyxmyst said...

Ya know, for all your bitchin about math.. you're doing extremely well. :P

Maybe you should look into accounting as a major....

*Ducks and runs for her life*

Tempestuous said...

Hmm.. for that.. I may need to do a lot more than tie you up and poke at your bewbies with large frozen squid tentacles. *shall have to ponder this muchly!*

phoenix said...

David Draiman is hawt...David Draiman restrained on anything...well I can only imagine *pauses to imagine and sighs* I can understand why you want to stalk him but if you do you will be arrested and that's not a good thing.

Ring a round a a MOSH pit? Do these guys not know they are supposed to be trying to knock each other unconscious?

No, no Tempy, "drink" beer, not sit in it. It's more refreshing that way. *sighs and shakes head*

*winces* How's your foot? Please try not to do that again, 'k?

Nyxmyst said...

On a moshy kinda side note - I don't think its Arizona.. I think it's just the time, really. The few mosh pits I've seen in the last ten years or so have been awful. Really really awful.

I LIKE mosh pits. I count how good a concert is by how injured I get. These days.. I don't get injured. Kinda bites, really.

Tempestuous said...

David Draiman restrained is TOTALLY hawt *nodsnodsnods* ... I would only get arrested if I get caught, my plan is to have brainwashed him into naughty happy things long before then. *giggles*

And yes, I swear it was like watching ring around a rosy - it was about the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. *nods agreement with Nyx* It has to be the time - the people who try to Really mosh get kicked out the second it's seen, like everyone is afraid of lawsuits, but isn't there some sort of unspoken agreement amongst moshers that you look out for each other too?? I mean c'mon, my brother used to bump into the same group of guys at every concert he went to in NY and if someone fell they made sure the guy didn't get seriously stomped (seriously as in 'wow, now he's dead' kind of serious). They had some broken bones sometimes, lots of lacerations and bruises, but no one died and no one tried to sue venues or bands or whatnot.. what the hell happened?? *grumbles*

Nonono silly phoenix! =sit= in cold beer, cuz it's all over the floor and you have to sit eventually so ya might as well find the really really cold puddle, it's more refreshing that way. *winks*

Eh, my foot is still footlike and functional. Apparently you're supposed to pull your foot in -before- you try to close the door, who knew? *shrugs, giggles*

phoenix said...

*nodsnodsnods just to be companiable*

Mmmmmm I would love to do many, many naughty things with David Draiman, some of them potentially illegal.

I try to avoid moshpits because well getting hurt isn't a part of a good night out in my book. I'd much rather watch others bounce around. Now it appears there is no chance of that happening anymore.

*thinks* Geez and all this time I've been doing it wrong. I've always drunk beer when I should have been.....sitting in it? Noooo that can't be right. *thinks some more* No I'm sure you've got it wrong.

Pffft and you call "me" silly. Everyone knows you're supposed to pull your foot in before closing the door....well except for you apparently *giggles*

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