Thursday, March 12, 2009

Words of Wisdom...

More recent fortune cookie funness:

Don't accept that others
know better than you.

... now, if we follow the rule of adding "in bed" to that ... it means I'm a sex GODDESS and no one knows more than me so ya'll should be grovelling and begging for attention and advice! *grins* ... *waits* ... *waits more* .... well c'mon then, get to grovelling!

*giggles and munches on fortune cookies*


Nyxmyst said...

Yeah... so not grovelling. I know I'm more experienced than you are. :P

Does that make me the uber goddess? lmao

phoenix said...

Me either, Tempy, looks like you're shit outta luck, lol.

Tempestuous said...

.. but .. but .. but ... it was my bday and everything! *pouts and sobs as ya'll didn't love her enough to worship her even on her bday, sniffles*

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