Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Writing Weirdness...

Another non-"word poem"!! ;)

Untitled (bus stop poem)
(Written: June 1, 2005)

Walking through clover, sun warming my back,
dark clouds over the northern mountains,
thoughtful, contented expression ... nearly content...
Hydraulic doors exhale, closing behind me,
avoid the stiff, stony unyielding cement,
spring green calling to my steps.
Clean grass scent obscured by exhaust fumes
I breathe shallow through the nose, filtering,
always filtering - air, heart, thought, life...
Time - evil, impartial, dispassionate time,
too little time, too much time.. to think
as I walk towards metal monstrosity
trees shaped of cold iron,
unbreathing, unreal, unappealing -
who created this bus stop 'art'
that mimics nature,
offends the soul?
Mind wandered, slipped
reflective as office building glass,

glaring beneath desert sun, smile gone...
Awareness verging on depressed
discontent as I wait, impatient...

Clouds part, sun shining through - a natural accusation -
a bee hovers near my arm,
I, the only flower on this 'tree' bench,
poor confused little bug
I smell sweet, I'm not food...

he flies off, my lips quirk, almost smile,
nature understands my heart
... and the bus arrives.


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