Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog of Morality...

At some point in the past most of us have seen the cartoon Animaniacs, so we're probably all vaguely familiar with the "Wheel of Morality"... why on earth am I mentioning this? Well, because I've decided to do a Blog of Morality once a week, probably usually on Wednesdays. I'm sure it will be just as random as theirs was...

Me: It's that time again --
Myself: to do the dishes?
I: to chuck heavy things at our roommates?
Me: no! It's time to learn todays lesson!
Myself: And here we thought we'd get away with just talking to the cats today...
Me: *tugs a huge Blog out from behind the firewall and starts chanting* Blog of Morality, type, type, type... Tell us the lesson that we should imbibe --
I: *winces* ... that was terrible.
Me: Oh hush! Moral number twelve. And the moral of today is: Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker.
Myself: How moving!
I: Indeed, I can barely contain my joy.
Myself: That's because those pants don't fit properly. *rimshot!*
Me: We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday!

{Yes it's true... I amuse myself all too frequently with just how odd I can be. *beams*}


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