Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I decided that I needed to actually figure out what my themes are (other than being insane) because I seem to be having some difficulty with this whole "days of the week" thing. I'm sure I had it mastered at some point in the past, but I just can't seem to keep it straight any more - the week starts on Tuesday right? (It'd probably help if I knew what today was. *chuckles*)

Right so as things stand, this is, more or less, what my plans are, I think:

Sundays - the weekly weather report and jokes, jokes and more jokes! Unless I forget. Or feel like posting about something I'm thinking or feeling instead. Or I decide to just babble insanely. Insane is good.

Mondays - are a Random Quote kind of day *nods* I don't know why, it just feels so damn good to randomly quote things on Mondays...

Tuesdays - I may occasionally post one of my own poems or a short story or a long story or something, depending on my mood and how much I feel like scaring the natives. ;)

Wednesdays - ugh, evil hump day - not the good kind of hump *mutters* so I get a little bit "more insane than usual", which is why the Blog of Morality just fits in so nicely. Assuming I remember to do it. Expect occasional delays. ;)

Thursdays - are for fortune cookie fun. There are about seventy-nineteen-billion fortunes all over my house (we like American Chinese food *grins*)... when I pick them up and look at them they're usually insane. I must share that with you. *nods sagely*

Fridays - will usually be when I tell you all about the Things I've Learned. Unless I forget. Considering how stuffed my brain feels lately, it will happen from time to time.

Saturdays - are a strange kind of day, so sometimes on Saturdays I'm going to post Other Peoples Poetry - why? Well why not? It sounds like fun to me and it may be some REALLY random stuff. ;)

I think that about covers it, cuz yanno, all the random stuff like this will happen pretty much whenever the mood strikes me.. yep. *nods tarragonly*


Nyxmyst said...

But TUESDAY is things i learned day. Sheesh. Get it right.

Tempestuous said...

*mrfs* but I haven't learned anything by Tuesday - cuz that's the first day of the week!


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