Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Fetish Goodness...

Right it's 12:40 p.m. (despite the fact that my blog seems to think it's a totally different time and has been arguing with me about posting this) and I've been up for exactly forty minutes now. *nods* Yep, forty minutes. Now admittedly I didn't go to bed until about four a.m. but usually my body doesn't care about that kind of thing, by nine a.m. I'm up, period... apparently this morning my body was willing to admit that it actually needed a "decent full nights rest!" Whodathunk?

Fetish Revolutions 9 (I don't think the picture gallery for it is up yet but you're welcome to look) was actually quite a bit better than anticipated considering the number of other events that were also taking place last night (more than one of which also being kinky events). Meph and I actually did quite well as vendors which was an pleasant surprise since there were three other vendors who had floggers. It made for both a socially and financially nice evening, although I do feel bad for the two jewelry vendors - as I understand it neither of them made back their vendor fee. :(

I'm sore in assorted places for assorted reasons and I'll let your imaginations wander on that. *grins* Now I'm just wondering if I'll hear from a tasty pair of males who managed to get my information before the event ended and my weekend will be made (despite the philosophy test paper I need to finish *laughs*). Off for food I go. ;)


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