Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dammit I don't know how to feel!

My roommate (who drives me insane and nearly homicidal every time we interact with his irritating apathy) just got called into work. I'm frustrated and happy at the same time.

I'm frustrated because for ONCE he was ACTUALLY CLEANING THINGS! On his own! Without so much as a single =look= from me to try to prompt him into it! And not just one thing, lots of things!!!

I'm happy because he drives me insane and I'm trying to do my homework so him gone drives me less insane and maybe I'll finish sooner....

... but he was cleaning ... but now he can't drive me more nuts (as usual). Gaaaaah!!

Someone tell me what to feel! (Imagine that in a desperate Martin Short yelling kind of voice.)


Tempestuous said...

I resolved my confusion by masturbating.

Masturbation! It's what's for dinner! ;)

phoenix said...

Well there you go, an easy solution. Masturbation is there ANYTHING it can't do?

phoenix said...

Oh btw, if you'd like to feel better about your roommate, check out my friend Sean's roommate. Just look for references to someone called Yoko.

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