Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Psuedo-fixes and weird dreams....

Right so before I go do some cleaning and feed the kitties and remember to eat and then work on my homework / studying for HOURS *le sigh* ... two things need to be posted. *nods wisely*

First - basically all of ya have told me at some point that for some reason my blog wasn't letting you comment. I kept telling it to let ya and it wasn't, Kay was fantabulous and explained this morning (really, really, really early this morning) that apparently there's some sort of script error with the nifty dragony background I was using. So for the moment I've reverted it back to a 'normal' background until I can make mine own (which will require lots of picking ETs head *nodsnods, grins*). You may have noticed that it's pink. In case you haven't noticed... notice that it's pink. *giggles* It's pink. *looks angelic*

Moving right along! Dreams are very funny things, oh yes they certainly are... right before I woke up this morning I had a dream. A weird dream. I dreamed that my Mom bought me a board game called "Manifest Destiny" (it was like a cross between Monopoly and Life) and apparently I was really happy about this, even though I was sweeping and I wasn't supposed to be but apparently I couldn't help myself at the time. From there things get even MORE weird, I know it sounds difficult to believe, but they do. The dream morphed into a strange Indiana Jones-ish kind of 'adventure' in a tremendously tall mall (we're talking twenty stories or something ridiculous). Running around with me was Dr. Grant (from Jurassic Park), Wadsworth
(Tim Curry in Clue), a brother who clearly wasn't my actual brother but was apparently my brother in the dream and some British or Canadian Prime Minister type person... at one point Wadsworth and my 'brother' are on a skateboard, while the ministery dude is on one with Dr.Grant while I, apparently being cooler than them, am sort of flying-ish... *giggles* ... we're running away from velociraptors, only the raptors look like the came out of
Dinosaurs! For some reason they're communicating telepathically but we can all hear it and we're taunting them for their "which way did they go george, which way did they go?" personalities, particularly when they refer to the ministery type guy as being a president and calling him 'fat'. Toss onto all of this that the mall is, apparently, possessed or something (the floors keep moving around, particularly around staircases and escalators, like the pyramid in Alien v. Predator) and it pretty much explains why I woke up and stared at my ceiling blinking and went "... what the fuck?" Particularly since the last thing I watched on tv was Oliver and Company.

Dreams... are Weird. Welcome to my insanity. *giggles wickedly and dashes off to do some cleaning*

{We now return you to your regularly scheduled day.}


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