Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things I've learned...

Right, so... I meant to do this every Friday (I figure being back in school after so much time means I should learn a fair number of things each week *nods solemnly*) ... and I've already fallen behind. Somehow that just figures, honestly. *chuckles* So even though it's Saturday, here goes, in no particular order the things I've learned in the past twoish weeks are:

1) Being a non-traditional student is actually pretty cool (more on this later perhaps).

2) I take WAY better notes and pay much better attention in my classes than I realized.

3) Studying is just as BLERGH now as it was fifteen years ago.

4) Letting my advisor talk me into five classes PLUS a lab for my first semester back was silly.

5) Dropping English (which was putting me to sleep) before the cut off date so that I get a full refund and so that I only have four classes plus a lab while still maintaining 'full time' student status, was actually really smart.

6) Choosing to drop English instead of Math was difficult...

7) ... because I'm SO not fond of math...

8) ... but it was SO worth it! (It actually did lighten my course load to drop English while dropping Math wouldn't really have accomplished that. *hehe*)

9) Getting homework done and studying is actually way easier when you don't have to: read two chapters for Psych, a chapter for Philo, do three sections of Math homework, read four thirty-page stories for English, work on a lab for Geo lab and read a chapter for Geo lecture all in basically one night. Cutting out those four thirty-page stories really, really adds up. *grins*

10) Having a pinched nerve that pretty much prevents you from standing or walking around for more than five minutes at a time... really, really sucks when it takes about twelve minutes to go from your philosophy class to your math class on the other side of campus. *nods*

11) Getting back your test score from the first Psych test to discover that you only got two regular questions and one bonus question wrong when you were certain that you fucked up entirely and should probably leave right now! ... is a really, really awesome warm fuzzy feeling. :D

12) Getting back your test score from the first Math test to discover that you were the only person in the class to get an A (94 out of a 100! w00t!!) ... is WAY more than a warm fuzzy feeling!

13) It pisses off the girl you sit next to who's taken things like college calculus and statistics when you get an A and she gets a C....

14) ... trying to control laughter in that situation is particularly difficult...

15) ... even though it's not your fault that she didn't remember to test out of her math courses.

16) Getting two awesome test scores kind of eclipses over getting perfect scores on multiple quizzes for some reason. :)

17) Making random comments to the girl behind you in psychology can, apparently, get the attention of the guy sitting next to you.

18) And make him start flirting.

19) Which can lead to all SORTS of discoveries.

20) Like the fact that he's single and intrigued by you in assorted ways.

21) *grins wickedly*

22) I'm way more naughty than I give myself credit for.

23) Having the guy next to you in Psych start flirting is, apparently, good motivation for wearing a shirt that's a bit tight around the mammary section of the feminine body.

24) Wearing such shirts... does not go unnoticed.

25) *grins wickedly* (<= It bore repeating. *winks*)

26) *sings* It's a small campus after all...

27) ... as evidenced by the fact that the girl who had been giggling at her laptop in the cafe driving me nuts the past couple weeks is actually in my Psych class ...

28) ... and really nice ...

29) ... which I found out while sitting at the comp lab, rather bored, waiting for my brother to show up. *chuckles*

30) ... I'm capable of striking up TOTALLY random conversations with absolutely anyone at any time and in any place.

31) ... that should probably frighten people.

32) ... it does frighten my Philo class.

33) ... which I know because after Jim (our instructor) quoted something of Voltaires, I first responded to it and then turned my head and asked Jeff (whose name I knew because I overheard him talking to someone outside the classroom last week sometime) what he thought about it.

34) ... and apparently he thought something which he couldn't share, because his face turned bright red and he stammered something incoherent before Jim took pity on him and started talking again.

35) ... have I mentioned that I've learned that I'm way more evil than I realized?

36) My math teacher isn't quite the Nazi I thought she was... she's just severely anal.

37) ... not in that good fun way some of you are thinking of and snickering about either.

38) Apparently I'm really, really good at Geology.

39) This makes both my lab professor (AJ) and my lecture professor (Donna) really happy.

40) It also makes my lab partners (Casey, Leila, Bret and sometimes David and Danny) also very happy.

41) Especially on Thursdays when they realize that they don't have a clue what they're doing and that I'm not only done and have all the correct answers as checked over by AJ, but that I'm also perfectly capable and willing of helping them go through it over and over and over and over until it actually makes sense to them.

42) That also makes both AJ and Donna very happy.

43) It seems to amuse them too.

44) I cannot for the life of me remember certain peoples names, I'm not sure why.

45) When I can't remember someones name I make up my own names for them. (Like the maintenance / campus safety guy whom I call Zorro because of the sunglasses he wears, even though I -think- his name is Terry.)

46) That may be a bad thing, most of the jury's still out on it. Zorro's pretty happy with it though.

47) I have enough faith in Roy's (the fry cook in the cafe) abilities that I'm actually willing to try new things sometimes, like the beef chimichanga he made for me on Thursday, which was actually really really tasty and filling. :D

48) Although eating things like that makes it rather difficult to do homework at the same time. *nods*

.... and I think that about covers it for now. I probably learned more (well, ok, actually I'm pretty sure I did) but I wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone. I'm just too nice and thoughtful that way. *winks*


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