Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I've learned...

This has been a rather interesting week so far...

1) The lovely pale white top portion of my breasts has intriguing powers over tipsy males at Fetish events. Not so much something I just learned as something I was reminded of on Valentine's Day - and what a sweet, yummy reminder it was.

2) Although I suck as a salesperson in general that is, apparently, not true when it comes to kinky things. I did most of the sales at the event, much to my younger brothers surprise. More surprisingly I talked a lot of people into buying hardware! Panic snaps, mmmmm... I guess I found my 'niche'. ;)

3) Getting almost no sleep for a week doesn't make my body happy. Especially if I plan on getting some the following week only to realize I don't have time to do so.

4) Planning on getting sleep next week also doesn't make my body happy. Apparently it just assumes I'm lying. I'm not lying, I'm just probably wrong about my ability to get a bit more sleep next week. *nods*

5) Psychology is such a yummy subject, I'm soaking it in like a sponge and already using it as a "weapon" against tripods (or so one recently pouted at me when I skewered him in PM - what he didn't know is that I would've been able to do that without taking a psych class, I've always been able to do that *chuckles*).

6) Thinking about enthusiastically fellating someone while I'm supposed to be listening to my professor discussing states of consciousness is probably not the best way to take in the information, even if it does qualify as an altered state of consciousness (fantasizing counts! Ha!).

7) Apparently I'm also distracting the guy who sits next to me in class... Probably because I keep flirting with him. (What? He's cute!)

8) In retrospect, giving him the url to my blog and then posting about him may not be the smartest of things I've ever done come to think of it... but I won't erase things, I'm a bit too 'ballsy' to do so. *laughs*

9) Philosophy is turning into a very interesting class since we've finally gotten to materialism / dualism / etc. Watching the instructor react with such exaggerated surprise when I spout Latin at him because no one else recognizes Descartes name makes me giggle.

10) Cogito ergo sum. ;)

11) I can function in philosophy with only four hours of sleep under my proverbial belt so long as I'm horny. *grins lazily*

12) I remembered, this week, why I really loathe math. It's evil and pointless.

13) When math frustrates me ... at some point I begin to have mental images of being taken out of my class on a stretcher in a straight jacket with my hair all poofied and blood all over my face from tearing out my instructors throat to make the evil end...

14) ... this makes me giggle even though it would result in a decided change in my life plans and lifelong therapy for my (former) classmates.

15) I get along with sixteen year old girls surprisingly well.

16) I get along with my geology lecture partner even better - which is weird cuz our astrological signs are fairly combative. *grins*

17) Astrological signs are decent indicators of stereotypical psychological types, particularly from a Jungian perspective, but they can never tell the whole story. ;)

18) Plotting to have a truly delicious, excellent birthday (particularly when it just happens to coincide with the beginning of spring break!) can lead to ever so sweetly and politely asking an instructor to pleeeeease give us a quiz earlier in the week than when it's scheduled for.

19) Having a really excellent reason for the request (like the whole "so many people are probably going to 'leave early' for spring break trips, like to Henderson / Vegas to visit family, so it might be a really good idea to do it Tues if at all possible") results in the instructor promising to consider it because that's a really good point before also saying that if I do happen to miss the Thurs lecture that week she'll let me make it up after spring break.

17) I really am a "teachers pet" apparently. *chuckles*

18) No, I'm not really going to Vegas for my birthday / spring break (at least as far as I know).

Yep, it's been an interesting week. *smiles wickedly*


csi-tokyo3 said...

*smiles, snuggles & plans to pounce you thoroughly for your birthday*

Nyxmyst said...

Well damnit, I got my hopes all up that you were coming. Don't play with my heart like that you bitch! :P

Tempestuous said...

Don't play with your heart like that?!? But if I don't how'm I gonna get to be all sadistical?? *looks all affronted*

*destroys that by giggling*

phoenix said...

The power of the upper boobage works in many situations, some - okay most - nonkinky. For instance it can be used to distract tripods while taking the last seat on the bus.

As long as the vision of you being taken away on a stretcher having savaged your prof's throat stays that way it's all good. It's when it STOPS being a vision that things get problematic.

Playing with Nyx's heart is never a good thing, avoid it at all cost.

Being teacher's pet is indeed a good thing but can lead to resentment watch your back at all times and carry a can of mace just in case.

yes, psychology is a lot of fun, the size of the book chapters really isn't and may cause panic attacks, especially when the prof announces a test on 4 chapters.

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