Monday, February 2, 2009

The Asshole.

So I've always known my brother was an asshole, but I kind of figured that part of it was bravado yanno? Just for show. I wasn't sure if it was because he thought it was cool or something but I figured he couldn't really be as bad as he tries to make out, honestly I don't think anyone is as bad as my brother tries to make out.

Tonight he proved that I'm wrong.

Yep, mark your calendars, I'm admitting I'm wrong. My brother really is just as much of an asshole as he portrays himself as.

How did he prove this? Well as some of you know I'm pretty sure that the abnormally severe pain I'm in right now is because I'm in the process of passing a kidney stone (yay, just what I needed and wanted, more 'fucked up body' stuffs). Several of you have urged me to go to the ER for assorted reasons. Hell I've even been willing to do so, because I'm in enough pain that I'm actually acknowledging that I'm in pain. It started yesterday morning. I have not yet gone to the ER. At this point I'm completely willing to admit that I really, really should. Unfortunately for me the nearest one is about half an hour away. I won't call an ambulance, it's not an emergency by my definitions - I'm not losing blood, none of my limbs are hanging by a thread, nothing has bitten or stung or otherwise managed to poison me, in short I'm not about to die. Unfortunately for me there are no buses out here and I don't drive.

Despite the pain I'm in I've been trying not to disrupt my brothers exceptionally heavy homework load by making him take me - I even came up with a great plan today. I pushed myself, I breathed through the pain while walking or just standing around doing things, for about five minutes at a time. I figured if I could push it to about ten minutes I'd be ok at school tomorrow without help. But that hasn't worked.. so I suggested that, well, if I'm not going to the ER (when I clearly should), the least he could do is either stick around on campus or come back before my philosophy class ends so he can snag me and drop me off on the other side of campus where my math class is and which takes me roughly twelve minutes to walk to.

He's flat out refused to do so, because it would inconvenience him, it would disrupt the chain of events he has planned for tomorrow - a plan which, I might add, he's unlikely to actually stick to either way because he never follows plans like that if I'm not there to nag and bitch at him.


So I'm not going to the ER tonight even though I actually want to, for lovely pills that will take the edge off and a confirmed diagnosis of why I'm in pain, and I'm not getting any help for my twelve minute walk between philo and math tomorrow even though so far the best I've managed before I'm just about doubled over and whimpering is five minutes.

My brother isn't just an asshole. He really is The Asshole.


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